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You Name It

Aug 29, 2014

This week we tackle the tired practice of Ice Bucket Challenges along with stupid celebrity stuff, Ryan's bad luck, Miley Cyrus is a jackass and our first phone call on the show featuring the only Druid to ever join the United States Army.  



Ryan's shitty luck, What's a Snarg?, Listener topics, banana phone,...

Aug 22, 2014

Ryan wants to go to an 80's rock show and we learn all about shaving.  


Don't call your elders "dude", 80's rock show, The Trash Brats, New Facebook Messenger app, Classic Shaving, dollar shave club...

Aug 14, 2014

This week we look at the great Detroit flood of 2014 and the death of Robin Williams along with other possibly entertaining topics.  



Full topic list:

The Great Detroit Flood of 2014, Robin Williams, House of D, August Rush, Steve Martin, Wealth and Happiness, Lauren Bacall, Classic Old Movies, Hope and Crosby,...

Aug 10, 2014

We start with a list of old time swear words and end up talking about what life was like growing up when we did.  Along with some complaining about how it differs today.  

Aug 6, 2014

In this show we start with a topic, internet acronyms and end up talking about: 

Facebook Band Pages, American Idol, the tough life of a rock star, Food Pictures, Ryans broken washing machine, Craigs list, Deadliest Catch, Rich people vacations, Big Brother, Solitary, International Big Brother Shows andThe Three...