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You Name It

Jul 28, 2016

Let's talk about the new show on Netflix.  Let's talk about the problem with Fairy Legs.  Lets talk about some stuff that happened in the eighties.   Enjoy this weeks show!!

#netflix #strangerthings #tinkerbell #1983


Jul 21, 2016

Sounds gross doesn't it?   I wonder what it means?  Listen to the end of the episode and find out why Davin said it.  

Jul 15, 2016

Most of the things we say on this show are true.  This one is not entirely true, close, but not entirely true.  Listen for our take on this, Pie, Jesus, Pokemon Go and open carry issues.  

#Joeperry #pokemongo #Jesus #opencarry #hollywoodvampires

Jul 7, 2016

Some people seem to feel ok about telling jokes about handicapped people.  Some people don't.  Why is that?  Explore this topic and more, including theories about the afterlife and why dog's don't dance, on this weeks fine episode. 

Jul 1, 2016

Happy Independence Day weekend!!!   Be safe and enjoy this special show!!  

Jerry reviews the new Independence Day movie.  Davin tells us about Tom Hanks.  Davin also feels compelled to tell us about the bluetooth tampon.   I'm not kidding!  It's a real product!  Enjoy the show!!