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You Name It

Jan 27, 2017

Ever have Poutine flavored Ruffles? What was it like when the first guy died? Did you hear about the weird rules about alcohol in Utah? How about nose picking drivers? All this and much much more on this exciting episode of the You Name It Podcast!!
#montreal #poutine #death #boogers #thingslisasays

Jan 12, 2017

Lot's to cover this week including: Karen the dog, weird stuff in Jerry's house, fun with "Pete's Beard", essential oils are witchcraft, Scientology is for stupids and talking computer troubles. A hodge podge of fun!  

#scientology #essentialoils #amazonalexa

Jan 5, 2017

It's true. If your kid can't get thru a PG movie without kicking the seat, talking loud and making all kinds of noises, you're in the wrong kind of movie for that kid.

Speaking of movies! Jerry and Davin talk about new Movies and TV shows that they've seen. But don't worry! There is also some of the usual stuff about...