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You Name It

Nov 2, 2018

Well?  Does he?  In this weeks special Halloween episode, we ask that plus other burning questions about bees and Lady Gaga and stuff.  Have a listen!   #boogermcfarland #gaga #ESPN

Oct 26, 2018

Part 2 of our special feature episode.  The beer review and inane discussion show.  Don't worry, it's not all Beer talk, it just starts that way and goes on to the regular nonsense.  Dean Salter and Ryan Truskowski are this shows guests.  In this episode we review Bells Porter and tell you about Dragon Boobs.  Yes......

Oct 19, 2018

Get ready for some Super Fake News!!  It's all around us these days so why not join in?  Also on this episode, invisible softball, Satanists are ridiculous, #buttchugging, Jerry's nephew's new nickname and lots of other stuff! 

 #MegaMillions @realDonaldTrump #kanyewest

Oct 12, 2018

Sometimes the big companies surprise you.  Check out what Bose did!  It's pretty amazing! Also, learn how to gamble on politics and how to improve your canned pasta experience.  Did you ever have a Pager?  A "bag phone"?  Well...  we did.  Enjoy this episode and share with your friends!  

#bose #predictit...

Sep 28, 2018

Get ready for a special new, experimental feature!  Davin was unable to be here this week because he was invited to Bungee jump with Will Smith for his 50th Birthday celebration.  So we're going to share an additional show that we were considering adding as a "once in a while" special episode, in addition to our regular...