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You Name It

Aug 18, 2017

Wow! You need to hear this one!! It's exactly as juvinile as you think! Ok, not the whole thing.


Allen Says something weird
Eytemology of poop
Chinese Virgin Urine Eggs
Womens Health Magazine
Benifits and pitfalls of baldness
Davenport College for stupids
Fixer Upper
Positive forms of Identity Theft
Reply All...

Aug 4, 2017

We're back!!! We are going back to Friday's at 5pm for our new show release schedule. To kick this off we have a big Friday episode that includes these topics:

A long irritating story about a chair, a waitress and a deck.
Davin's car accident
The fastest way in rush hour is thru the ghetto
A Lazy police officer

Jul 13, 2017

Who do you like better? Siri or Alexa? Maybe you should ask Jeeves.

For this fine episode our topics include:
Having no topics
improper random license plate number
Davin worries about teenage relationships
Your children will always do the opposite of what you say
Dumb Amazon underwater storage idea
Gluten free body of...

Jul 6, 2017

This week we talk a little about politics.. well kind of. Can you imagine Gene Simmons and Donald Trump in a room together? Who would win the ego war? Also this week:

Happy Birthday America
people blowing themselves up with fireworks
Don't shoot your boyfriend for a You Tube Video
Beware of Phone calls from your state...

Jun 29, 2017

We start off this week with an update on Mr. Woods and his issues with substance abuse. After that, we devolve into these topics:

Jerry's crazy neighbor lady
first day license
holiday Trip to Evart MI
Childhood fireworks
Readings from Stupid Sayings Calendar
Non Celebrity Events
Clint Eastwood Dies
Fireworks on...