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You Name It

Jul 13, 2017

Who do you like better? Siri or Alexa? Maybe you should ask Jeeves.

For this fine episode our topics include:
Having no topics
improper random license plate number
Davin worries about teenage relationships
Your children will always do the opposite of what you say
Dumb Amazon underwater storage idea
Gluten free body of Christ
New invention with moral and ethical issues.
The eternal hot dog and bun mystery
Davins issue with his relatives
Improper structure of insults
Snowflakes are people too
Really bad furniture building instructions
The beautiful Latina girl
Bad impersonations
Goat Mowers
More stupidest things ever said
Hobbies for rich people
Siri is kind of a B!#@h

#siri #alexa #snowflake #amazon